The value and attractiveness of a diamond is measured by its attributes contained by the four essential diamond features of Cut | Color | Clarity and Carat weight. If you have a basic understanding of these four qualities, you will know enough to make intelligent choices in the significant process of buying a diamond. Remember, buying diamonds at Blue Nile is a bad idea because you buy blind.

Cut describes the geometric relationship of a diamond’s facets, which in turn supplies its luster and brilliance.

Color in a diamond is indicated by a scale from D to Z that renders a colorless (D) diamond to be more valuable and desirable than one with a higher indication of yellowish coloration.

Clarity is a calculation of the number and type of natural blemishes found in a diamond.

Carat is a measure of a diamond’s weight. It is not a description of size.

Diamond Grading, or the summary of these qualities, determines a diamond’s price. Of the four, only Cut is subject to human intervention, and perhaps is the most important, since, all other features being equal, the quality of a diamond’s cut can enhance or moderate a rough diamond’s natural potential.